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Weight Training 101

Low impact high volume workout.This class is design to build structural stability and overall strength. Participants are placed through strength and hypertrophy phases to contour one's body.


Burnout utilizes the HIIT principles focusing on a 45 second work phase & 15 second resting phase. Your body is pushed through a constant rotation of equipment and body resistant workouts. Allowing your body to burst past plateaus and reaching your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Active Energizer Circuit

Circuit train your workout into a calorie blasting, sweat inducing, energizing interval workout.

Morning Glory

These full body toning workouts are moderate to high intensity. Biomechanically focused to get you ready for your day. Channel your energy and burst through various circuits that will give you a pump.

Main focus of this class is to educate and teach proper technique for good postural practice that allows clients to apply proper posture throughout their day

Power Core

This class is designed to target your upper, lower and transverse abs. Circuits are created using body weight, stability balls, Bosu balls and TRX systems.

Cardio Rush

Cardio Rush pushes limits through moderate to high intensity workouts designed to accelerate your heart rate. Burning excess calories and increase your bodies oxygen consumption.

K-Flex & Mobility Lv.1

Level 1 - Learning the skills. The basic skills involved in the Swing, Get Up, Clean, Military Press, Front Squat and Snatch would be taught. As would the principles of strength ( tension and relaxation ) and mobility. The skills that are mastered here will be put to use in level 2

 HIIT Active Burn

The goal of this class is to incorporate high intensity interval training with moderate and explosive movements. Utilizing a variety of exercises that focus on toning and conditioning various parts of the body.

This class will be 30mins and will be circuit style.

Active Total Conditioning (ATC)

This class is designed to challenge your body in various ways. Manipulation of exercises and equipment will allow you to constantly burst passed plateaus.

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