4 Reasons Water Helps You Lose Weight

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Water is an essential component of the effective functioning of our bodies. Realizing we're made up of 50 to 70% water will give us a better understanding of it's benefits to our skin, tissues, cells, and organs. In fact, we lose about 2-3L of fluid just carrying on with our daily lives. Which makes sense of why your trainer keeps telling you to drink more and more water. For most, the only downfall of that statement is the countless bathroom visits at first.

1) Water is highly beneficial for skin health by maintaining optimum moisture while delivering nutrients to the tissues. Your face will thank you for providing your body with increased levels of water. I can't even begin to tell you the benefits my spouse has seen in this category. Water helps detox our bodies by flushing out a lot of toxins and unneeded substances in our bodies. Our bowel movements are easier to handle with optimal hydration levels.

2) Water helps relieve fatigue which is usually the first sign of dehydration. This holds even more weight during the winter month in Canada. Our bodies are craving hydration and need more than just that HOT cup of coffee. Optimal amounts of water help our brain function, which might explain some of those brains farts we all too often experience. "Absence makes the heart grow stronger" this quote holds true except when it's related to water. Our hearts require optimal levels to function properly and provide proper blood circulation throughout our bodies which will boost your energy levels.

3) Movement is medicine but without water our bodies tighten up, causing unneeded stiffness in our muscles and joints. You can have the greatest yoga or fitness routine but unfortunately, your results will be limited unless getting your water levels up. Our mobility heavily depends on hydration also understanding there are other associated factors as well. Hydration is something that you have full control of and increasing the amounts your joints will graciously thank you by limiting pain during basic movements.

4) The easiest way to shed off a couple of pounds is increasing your water intake to 2-3L per day. Water is a key component in almost all weight loss programs. Most of my clients are able to lose about 2-8lbs by just adding more water and sleep into their daily routines. Increasing your water levels to match your workout intensity is extremely effective by aiding in muscle recovery and providing stamina increases. I focus on the first 16 days to try to trigger a response from your body to shed up to 12lbs quickly and effectively.


I know that was a mouthful to read but when it comes to the benefits of water its a lot to take in. From purification of our skin, muscle tissue and cell health water continue to provide great benefits. Just an addition of water into your lifestyle will decrease your fatigue levels, aid in basic mobility and weight loss. Yes, weight loss! You will lose upwards to about 2-12 pounds by increase your water and following my Lean in 16 programs. Again I know a boatload of information given to you

Which is why I simply say drink more and more water daily!

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