6 great moves to stay active at your work desk

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

With today's work-life and hours we all know too well how difficult it can be to get our bodies moving before or after. I know just like you do the benefits that we all can achieve from a good daily fitness routine. But that desk job is just so tiring by the end of the day all we really want to do is hit that couch and watch our favourite streaming service.

So I decided to write this post about the many things one can do at their desk to help them with their overall fitness and health. I'm going to provide you with 6 great moves that will get your heart rate going and surprising tone your body while you're stuck behind that desk. Crazy right ...but it's true you don't need very much to help yourself get those fitness goals rolling.

1. Sit & Stand

2. Dips

3. Lunge

4. Leg Raises

5. Side Bends

6. Chest Squeeze

Now I'm assuming you have a little space around your desk or cubical to administer some of these great exercises. Please give some of these a try and comment below if you liked them, and any possible results you've achieved from adding these into your everyday lifestyle.

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