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I don't know about you but I love to start off my morning popping a fish oil gel capsules. It just seems second nature to my total body regime, but this does all stem back to my childhood. My parents were very adamant that my siblings and I have cod liver oil tablets daily. I'm not going to lie they very very disgusting for me as a child to digest back then. As I grew older and started to understand the overall benefits of these soft gels I went back and thanked them for knowing clearly what was best for me and my childhood development.

Now having the understanding that a great portion of the gray matter of the brain is made up of fat, specifically the omega-3 fatty acid docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The essential fatty acids with higher amounts of DHA have been found in studies to protect and maintain healthy brain cell function because of its important role in the composition of the protective covering the fatty tissue coating around our nerves.

Sometimes my spouse might argue the fact of me having a functioning healthy brain because of the silly things I do and some of the things I forget to do. Haha! But understanding that daily oral supplementing of DHA has been shown to increase blood levels of DHA, to protect myelin and to improve the firing of chemical messages between nerve cells in the brain. It keeps me knowing that at least my body is on the right track though it may seem like my mind isn't. DHA supplementation often improves the symptoms of some mental and visual disorders. Children who take fish oils are relaxed and have been found to be more productive in school. Omega fatty acids in our cell membranes; regulate electrolytes, nutrients, and hormone levels. Omega-3 fatty acids may help suppress your appetite, increase the amount of fat your body burns and inhibit fat storage. Fish oil can also help reduce your blood triglyceride levels and lower your blood sugar levels. Now it's up to me and my wife to share this knowledge with our children by adding more DHA rich foods and supplementations into our diets.

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