Burr... The Cold Has Returned!

Winter is finally here... Well, at least the cold has returned for February 2020. I can honestly say I'm ok with it. Knowing that a month in a half or so we can actually say the spring is here is! Being a February baby I know from year to year weather kind of spoils us in January.

With colder weather does come its challenges and potential risks of injury. This could be caused by everything like slips and falls, shoveling snow and just cold dehydrated bodies. Taking extra care of your body during the next month or two will prevent you from unwanted trips the urgent care and possibly physio.

Let's start with those slips and falls, unfortunately, these aren't preventable but you are able to work on your muscle and joint reactivity to help your body regain balance and catch yourself. You'd be surprised at how these burpees and walkouts help you in a mid-fall sequence. One of our clients the other day was saying that she slipped but was able to hold herself up in high plank.

I don't know about you but the snow has been very deceiving this year. It looks very light to touch but packs some serious weight while shoveling. Getting a snowblower is usually the best recommendation and I agree completely but you still need to stretch before you decide to shovel or push that heavy snowblower up and down your driveway. If your like myself and in the process of saving for that snowblower make sure to alternate side while shoveling and give yourself breaks.

In Conclusion

During the winter months, we're usually very dehydrated and most of our water intake is fairly down. We water with mocha's, hot chocolate, coffee and etc. With a lower water intake amount just staying warm is taxing on our bodies and we ask it to shovel snow and react quickly to and slips and suddenly come from underneath us. Show your body some love and drink more water 2-3L per day, stretch to make sure your muscle remains long and loose. Warm-up properly before going out and walking snow blowing or enjoy winter activities.

P.S. Your body will thank you

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