Commit To Your Success!

Truly to be successful at anything it takes commitment. You have to give the task 💯 of your time and energy. Yes, you are going to fail time and time again but committing to your fitness goals will allow you to achieve them. Failure is part of the process it makes you really decide on what you're willing to do and or give up to get there. Few areas to commit to in: Food:

This is the hardest and the first thing you need to commit to. Meaning you have to allow yourself to enjoy food and to eat often. No one is perfect and we all want the yummy snacks & fast foods. Trust me on this even as a trainer we are all drawn those all to tasty snacks and treats. Accepting that those are still going to be part of your life but in lesser quantities will help in the long run. This is where having a plan is ideal, making sure the psychological aspect of your ming is taken care of will need planning.

Things like accepting that you will only have one treat a day. Or you'll just give yourself a treat meal or day. Also, let me be frank healthier choices don't mean tasteless choices... Start to utilize your spice cupboards to add flavor to your food. also on our newsletter we always post yummy healthy recipe option for you to add into your meal rotation. Movement: In the world of fitness, the goal is to move. Our bodies are not meant to sit around all day and pack in calories. Unfortunately, that is most of our workforce in the foreseeable future. As the most advanced species on the planet, we have the ability to change it. For some that might be a walk on their lunch break or after work. Others might enjoy a hike with friends and family or making out to your local gym or studio.

The key is to get up and move to get off the couch grab your headphones & take a stroll through your neighbourhood. We ask a lot of our bodies on a daily basis and do very little in regard to taken care of it. I often use our bodies like a car analogy, You fill it up with gas and complete a few minor repairs when the light comes on. When it gets old you can trade it in, our bodies can't be traded in yet! Well at least until that Netflix show comes to fruition.

Take care of it daily, weekly, monthly and yearly and resist unwanted repairs. Your body will thank you for paying it forward. Rest:

We need it we crave it and we lack it. Sleep is crucial for your bodies to mend & repair. There are multiple benefits to getting a good night's sleep. So try at night to put those electronics down on vibrate or do not disturb & enjoy your rest. 😴


Our relationship between our body and our mind is a constant give and take. Our wants and our needs differ depending on our moods and emotions. Accepting that a few mistakes will be made along your journey will allow you to truly commit. Commitment is not an easy task because a lot of factors affect our levels of commitment but setting goals will help you adhere to what you desire. Making food taste good and researching a healthy twist to your current favourites. I say the countless times that movement is medicine so get up and dance, walk, run or hike. Just keep moving your limbs and body will thank you. After all of those additions to our already busy rest those eyes and relax your mind.

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