3 Easy Ways To Treat Muscle Pain At Home

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Resistance Bands

They're a great tool for shoulder mobility exercises. Aiding your shoulder joint through guided balanced movements. You can grab a set from almost any department store. If you follow us on Instagram you'll see the amazing shoulder mobility exercise that we do with some of our clients.

Foam Roller

It helps breakdown tension in the muscles and muscle fascia allowing proper blood flow. Proper usage of the roller helps breakdown knots within your muscles. I personally wasn't the biggest fan of these rollers but they've really grown on me. My glute muscle has thanked the rollers over and over again and will continue to show tremendous gratitude because of my increased mobility.

Ice/ Heat Pack

Great injury recovery and muscle tension release. Proper usage of an ice pack after a long day will help those aching joints. Applying heat to your lower back after a long day will help you further relax those stabilization muscles. My achy joints are also under different degrees of pressure form either lifting weight while posting my clients or working my body to the max to maintain great overall health. Nevertheless, my remedies remain the same a good dose of late-night comedy my foam roller and ice pack.

Try using some or all of these remedies to help you deal with nagging pain and aches. I for one have been helped tremendously by these items and wanted to share it with you. Hopefully, it allows you to find some relief. Comment below and let me know if these tips were helpful.

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