Don't Stop Dreaming! Your Goals Are Within Reach.

I know you probably heard this a million times but nevertheless it still holds true. It's never easy to admit to yourself that you might not be happy or stratified with where you currently are in life. That could mean as a parent, spouse, friend or etc. But the only way to start to lead yourself on that path is to be true to yourself.

If you're sitting there right now in life basically looking through a window pondering on what could've been with your life if... It's time for a change. The steps ahead might seem easy or achievable but the want for change will outweigh all of those obstacles ahead. One of my earlier blog post I talked about setting SMART goals go back and take a quick 2min read for a refresher. That framework will help you on the path that lies ahead for you.

Firstly you must define who you are and who or where you want to be. Once that is established it time to get things under control by this I mean start focuses on things that you currently have control over. I try to write down the things I can truly control and others that I, unfortunately, have no control over. This will clear your mind and allow you to realize those distractions you thought were within your control.

Start a vision board! The laws of attraction are very real and the universe rewards you with where you focus your energy on. For most of us, that means being stuck in that rat race and negativity until payday and then once our pay is gone, that same energy comes to flowing back in. Vision boards allow you to aspire for more maybe you want a nice car or coat maybe even a new house or yacht. Create that board with all of your dreams and aspirations regardless of what others say about it, keep adding to your vision board. That little bit of GREED will allow you to keep working harder and finding new ways to achieve those goals.


We all started this wonderful life of our with dreams and aspirations and along the way we've gotten stuck in the rat race. This race will continue unless you're willing to be true to yourself. Setting SMART goals and building a vision board to keep you focused every step along the way, will become the keys to your success. The path ahead is not easy but it will be worth it. Stop letting life push you around and start pushing back! Fight for your dreams and don't settle for anything less!

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