Early Bird

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

One of the decisions I made for me for the turn of the decade was to maximize my days. This idea can be seen in many ways but for myself it the decision of waking up between 4-5 am daily. I know crazy right!

Considering my earliest appointment might be between 6-7 am that is a significant shift within my routine. The benefits of this far out way the grumpy demeanor. AT first, if dragging myself out of bed was horrible. This decision has forced me to go to bed earlier. Like most of us, Netflix owns most of our nighttime routine, trying to get in the one last binged episode before we go to bed can be all so easy.

Waking up earlier to start my day has to give me a different outlook on my time utilization. Allowing me to finally get more time to read all of those books I've been meaning to read, but my kids and spouse take away all the time. I truly loved it more and more as we move along into this new decade.

Proper meal planning has been made easier as well. With these newly added 1-2 hours in my day. Lunch is packed for me and my family before 5:30 am and I'm able to make a wonderful breakfast to feed the beast know as my belly. If you need to know one thing about me is "I love food" mostly healthier options and the occasional burger and fries as well. Not such a good breakfast option.

Clarity on an important task that isn't usually completed by me within normal work hours. My accountant will love me this tax season for my ability to finally organize those receipts I've shoved in my glove box from the previous year. I know I'm the worst most times within this situation but not this year!

With all of these added benefits, the number one thing I appreciate the most is peace and quiet. I'm able to gather my thoughts and give myself some self-talk and self-affirmation for what great opportunities the past decade has provided me. From the wonderful people, I've met and become life long friends, milestones, major life events, and family.


Within our busy lives time for ourselves is extremely limited and short-lived. I've personally found a way to grab some this time within the added hours in my day and I couldn't be happy. Give it a try add 30 mins into your mornings and see the benefits it will offer your life

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