For a stress-free life, try exercise

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

What more can not be said about the benefits of exercise? It's truly one of the most empowering things you can do for your body and mind. I know this time of the year it's constantly hammering down our throats the fitness is the way to a better year. With the fitness world also going through ever-changing fads haha, I'm sure as I'm writing these celery stocks have climbed to a ridiculous rate due to the miracles it offers juicing enthusiasts.

Nevertheless, in the stress of our North American lifestyles does ten to creep into our lives o a consistent basis. That could be good or bad stress depends on person to person. My philosophy is that movement is medicine and one of the best ways to deal with stress is to get your body up and going. This doesn't mean you need to go get that gym membership or join that yoga class. I highly advise those options but the are other things that can be done.

Get outside and go for a leisure walk around your block this is a great way to get the blood flowing through your body and to clear your head. Sometimes that hit of cold breeze might be just whats needed. You can try taking a trip to your local department store... I know what your thinking whats that have to do with exercise? Well since these department stores are massive open warehouse space, try walking the whole store isle by isle. Not only is the remedy for all of us who love to purchase things.. which we all do enjoy from time to time, but it's also a great way to get that step counts up.

Parents after a long day at work and finishing after-work routines with our kids can be very demanding, draining and stressful. Most times your favourite couch or chair is luring you in with that soothing siren melody. I get it! I have two little ones myself and my time demand is at an all-time high. What I found helpful with my younger ones is having a 10-20min "Dance Party" like most of us music brings you joy. So put on one of your favourite kid-friendly playlists and dance and shout! Work up a sweat by showing your kids that you still have some awesome moves.

Though it might not be Instagram worthy it's going to get your limbs moving and joints lubricated. Your heart rate will be working at the same pace as most HITT workouts. Hey, let's not forget the laughter that comes along with all of these wonderful dance moves you're going to reintroduce to your children or grandchildren.


We live in an ever-changing technological world and have literally many fitness experts at our finger tips. Finding ways to get your body moving regardless of the activities are endless because of how contacted our world is today and the access to information. You might not personally be an avid gym user but you can either get out un your neighbourhood for a walk (couple blocks) are ideal or just dance your silly butts out of the comforts of your own home. Studies did show that watching shows like dancing with the starts stimulated our minds enough to get our heart rats going as if we we're eon stage dancing. Just imagine the effects of you getting those hips actually swinging.

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