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Ways to keep Fitness Fun

Friendly Competition

Children get inspired when they get an opportunity to prove to strengths. Keeping score during a real game or who can do the most push-ups or twist in the most complicated Yoga pose.

Be Silly

Laughter is a great way to keep children’s attention and enthusiasm during physical activity. If you are dancing the more silly the dance moves the better. When doing push-ups make funny noises while motivating your child to continue on.

Be Newbies Together

Learning a new sport or activity together will allow you and your child to develop and build new skills. Learning a new style of dance is suitable for all demographics.

Group/ Family Fitness

Set aside one or two days in the week where the whole family will get involved in physical activity together. Creating fun boot camps or obstacle courses set up in your backyard.


Grabbing a cheap or free toy can be a great opportunity for fun and fitness.


Engage your child’s imagination by creating themes during your fitness routine or physical activity.


Get outside and go for a long walk as a family or a hike. Post Social distancing ourselves.


Music makes exercise more enjoyable. Buy or create an upbeat album for your children to exercise too. Make sure you're joining in as well!!

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