I'm Passionate Are You?

Wow, it's been a while since I've sat down and blogged. Nevertheless, I want to talk about a little about how all of our lives have been impacted by this Covid-19 pandemic. Now knowing that there is a sense of a new normal moving forward. With that being said we're all facing changes in all aspects of our lives and are adjusting as they go. This brings me to the topic of passion and how to balance that moving forward post-pandemic.

As the economy changes and our lifestyles shift the more we've all discovered about our bodies and ourselves. These past 5-6 months have been scary, to say the least. We've found a way to come together as a country towards a common goal. While working toward this goal we've all found traits in family members, and ourselves we've used those traits to form new habits.

These new habits are now geared around wellness and a healthier lifestyle. I've noticed this when I was searching for a new bike. Those items being sold out are a key indicator of this. We all understand the benefits of a healthy body and mind. A veil has been lifted and it's clear as day our passion is Health & Happiness! I've always been passionate about happiness and health, which I preach to my spouse about it almost daily.

Placing the busyness of our lives on pause has brought an appreciation to simpler things like time with family and health. Which have been shown to be key indicators in our overall happiness. A lot of us are realizing that we've been limiting these aspects of happiness for any given reason. Grabbing a bike and going on a family ride has shown to fill both of these voids at the same time. Allowing us to strengthen our bodies as well as sharing moments and laughter with family and friends. Hiking trails have been busier which is great to see again allowing us to have deeper conversations with family and increase our total body strength and cardiovascular health.

We've all become very passionate about these two main pillars. As the economy and life start to adjust to the new normal keeping this going is critical. This is going take-planning going into the fall months and commitment. We've committed the past 5-6 months on our health and happiness let's finish off the year strong. Noticing that both of these pillars have taken the backseat for years. This pandemic will only motivate us on focusing our energy on what's important. Continue to let them thrive and carve-out new areas and time slots in our ever so busy lives.


At the end of the day, we've been shown the importance of health and happiness over this pandemic. We need family and friends to help us cope and bring happiness and joy. Getting outside and going on a walk, bike ride or hike is all-important. Keep making time to enjoy those in your life and the environment around you.

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