Nature's Calling

Recently I and my wife have really started to get our hands to quote on quote messy with plants. The change these wonderful additions have made in our overall moods is unmatched by anything we jointly have done before. We do our best in involving our children in the process as well, which we find helps the natural side of their overall development.

This process has also helped us in regard to our businesses giving us a deeper understanding of growth. Realizing the time commitment nurturing plants has opened our minds up to multiple situations is our lifestyles and relationships. We've not given the adequate amount of water and proper soil in multiple aspects and expected these areas to grow. We're currently revisiting those areas and adding more and more water and nourishing soil each day.

One of the main factors we all deal with in life is Failure! When we hit this inevitable roadblock this is where we need that self-reflection. Referring back to those wonderful plants did you add enough soil? When it comes to your fitness goals in particular, did your research gain an adequate amount of information from online sources, doctors, nutritionists or trainers? Thus allowing you to create a plan to achieve the results.

Then ask yourself how much and how often did you water that soil? Just like plants, we thrive when all ample conditions are met. But in a similar fashion, we both struggle when placed in volatile climates and situations. One thing that remains is the consistency needed to adhere to basic practices of watering properly and keeping it going. Don't just stop showing up for your workout or stretching routine at home. Keep going! Push your body continuously keep adding water to the soil because things will change just like the plants will grow.

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