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Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Would you like to go up & downstairs not complaining about knee and back pain? Or even reach into your cupboards without shoulder pain. Now that would be a true blessing for all of our aching joints. Me personally I can't remember the last time I didn't have to consciously think about my shoulder and proper warm-up exercises.

Rehabbing your injuries is essential for fitness success. Our bodies are constantly under stressors throughout our everyday lives. We approach the blueprint for your bodies on a multilayered approach to your goals and injuries.

3 Things to help you get going

1) Understanding what is causing pain & why. This is crucial for us the truly understand what's going on on a muscular-skeletal level. A common example of this would be hip or knee pain. Most or clients complain that they feel the pain in those specific areas. Usually, the issue is coming from those pesky hip flexors and but muscles. We recognize this and start creating a truly beneficial program that will aid you in either personal training or group classes.

2) Isolation of the muscle & or muscle groups that are causing the issue. Once we have a good grasp on what those pest muscles are doing. We like to start by stretching the tight muscles and strengthening the weaker muscles. We always try to find a more exciting way to get those muscles going... because we all love rehab exercises soooo..... much. ( hope you could sense my eye-rolling ) This process builds on a proper foundation to maintain the proper function of that area,

3) Teaching you how to look for signs of that issues reoccurring. watching for things like knee or shoulder aches and etc. Also, I'm a huge fan of warm-up as I get older haha I know who would have thought. Getting those muscles nice and warm before you start a class or go crush a workout at the gym ahh no better feeling. I strive to give members an abundance of information so they're able to put things and movements into practice at home, our facility or their own gym's that they go to.


Change the way you approach your injury & recovery and Rehab Through Fitness. Get your body moving & increase your joints range of motion. Figure out what seems to be causing the issues and start building a program to rehab but also strengthen from there. We strive to teach our clients all we can so they'll always remember how to release muscle tension & proper muscle activation. So next time you see a friend assessing your hip they've probably seen me.

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