We Got This

We can all agree that our lives have been halted for the past 7 weeks. The life that we've all been so comfortable with has changed forever, and that is necessarily a bad thing. There have been a lot of positive things and responses from technology and our government we can be happy with.

I fully understand that not everyone is living the same within these uncertain times. For those who are able to be around your loved ones hold them close. We have hopefully found appreciation for those we hold dearly in our hearts. With an event of this magnitude that we're dealing with in a world stage, humanity has shown our strengths, but also areas of improvement.

Technology has given an opportunity to stay home while being connected to loved ones and others. From phone calls, text, messaging to video live streaming which has allowed us all to laugh, smile, and cry when needed.

I'm very fortunate to be residing in Canada during these uncertain times. Our government officials have done everything in there position to help us all during these times.

As we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel for this wave, we need to have a plan. How are we going to one keep ourselves safe and still continue with the newfound skills we have for ourselves. I'm really built on my gardening skills an look to grow more delicious herbs, vegetables, and fruits I'm super excited about this. My plan is to start my day off with gardening before anything else can be done to tend to my plant and herbs before my morning coffee. I know how am I going to open my eyes without coffee... it's going to be rough but I'll love the outcome.


These times have been challenging for all of us! Some have had to deal it the situation worst than others and we all need to look and see what we do have. So count our blessing and hope our Government and Health Care professionals are there to support us. Canada has done well thus far and we are almost of the woods. With all of this extra time, we've all learned new passions and skills for ourselves make sure we continue forward with them. Make a plan and execute it every day.

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